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Dublin Mouldings are delighted to welcome you to maybe the largest selection of plaster mouldings in Ireland. All Dublin Mouldings products are handmade by skilled and dedicated craftsmen, working in styles to harmonise with any period of any décor and created in the direct tradition handed down from centuries past. We have been in operation since the early 80’s and have dealt with a huge range of clients down through the years, homes, protected houses, pubs, shops, hotels etc. We work with:

Commerical Clients
And much more . . .

Do not hesitate to call in and visit out showrooms and workshop at Parnell Street, or contact is on 01 8786174. We are only 300 yards from O’Connell Street.

Dublin Mouldings
Dublin Mouldings
Dublin Mouldings
Dublin Mouldings


We have a huge range of mouldings on offer, cornices, corbels, plaques, arches etc.

Fixing Service

Restoration Work

External Work

All our products can be fitted by a professional. This ensures that all materials are handled by an expert and you can rest assured that everything will be fitted to perfection.

Over time you may find that older plasterwork may require some TLC. We work on old houses, properties etc. restoring all types of plasterwork and moulding.

We manufacture a range of products in Glass Reinforced Cement. This means a much stronger product, ideal for exteriors.

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