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Dublin Mouldings has extensive experience in restoration work. Throughout our illustrious history, we’ve worked with photographs and drawings to restore ornate ceilings to their former glory. We can also match new pieces to existing pieces to retain absolute design consistency within a property. We’ve successfully matched cornices, centrepieces, plaques etc.
Our absolute admiration and respect for classical architecture and architecture elements guides our restoration service. Our aim is to restore not to update or cover-up.
We take great pride in our work and are more than happy to put our name on all our pieces.

Dublin Mouldings

Dublin Mouldings have worked on some of the most prestigious jobs in the country, taking on anything from restoring a single centrepiece, to restoring an entire property. We work with homeowners, architects, builders etc.

Get a Quote

Do you have a classical architecture element that needs to be restored? Then get in contact with Dublin Mouldings today for a free quote.

To arrange a consultation, simply get in touch with us today. Our highly skilled team are more than happy to call out and assess any existing work. This will allow us to give a much more accurate quotation. Our team work all over Dublin and beyond, offering expert restoration services.

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