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Dublin Mouldings offers an expert fixing service to clients. Our highly trained and experienced craftsmen are available to take care of all types of repairs from simple chips and scratches to larger structural reinforcements. Our team will ensure that all plasterwork and mouldings are fitted to the highest of professional standards, ensuring the longevity of plasterwork.
Our team are more than happy to call out and assess any existing plasterwork. This will allow them to offer practical advice in terms of what repairs are necessary. They can also provide you with an estimate of how long any fixing work should take.

By installing our products, you can greatly increase the value and saleability of your home or property. Our quality moulds are well known in the industry and we have built up a reputation based on high quality and expert customer care.

Get a Quote

Does the moulding in your property require a professional repair service? Then get in contact with Dublin Mouldings today for a free quote.

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